International speed dating

In honor of Valentine's week, we hosted our first "Speed Dating for Co-Writes" networking event last night in place of Thursday-night workshop!

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The Robert Bosch Foundation – a private charity focused on supporting natural and social sciences and international ties – was in Tehran this month to meet with potential partners and scout deals for Germany.

First stop was the Sharif University of Technology, where the foundation met with 10 professors. A sign above one entrance featured cartoon cavemen with the slogan, “Don’t reinvent the wheel!

” Yet, for a long time, Iranian scientists could do little else because international sanctions made high tech imports so difficult.

, building on its strong foundation in innovative design and material technology, consolidated Taiwan’s manufacturing prowess and designed products around the concept of “temperature and time,” melding high-tech elements into everyone’s kitchen and dining room, and how that work culminated in practical, innovative products that made people say, “Wow! was founded by industrial designer Hsieh June-Ya, who has won more than a hundred major international design awards, as well as the Taiwan Presidential Innovation Award. Hsieh spent many years designing all sorts of technological products, during which he found that few people think about applying material technology to kitchenware. After countless experiments and improvements, this year THAT! defrosting tray, which won both Red Dot and IF international design awards, this unique product enables rapid heat exchange between frozen food and ambient temperature, giving it superb thawing performance.

Therefore, one day, when he saw a CPU heatsink in a computer factory, he thought about whether the technology could be used for other applications. introduces its third generation defrosting tray: Thaw THAT! It also pays greater attention to usage features, incorporating a barely perceptible incline that steers melted liquid towards its integrated drip tray, and applying high-performance anodizing surface treatment technology on the board itself for better durability and premiumtouch. Modern defrosting tray puts an end to health concern and inconvenience issues associated with traditional room-temperature thawing, as well as to taste altering microwave defrosting.


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