Rubber dating

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i stil canot get pics off new camra so no pic til i lern to work camera ca well, well about me, you ask: hmmmm, well i am just great!!

Tired of spending lots of time and money on finding latex minded friends?

Rubber fetishism involves wearing latex clothing, watching others wear it, and having fantasies about people who wear such clothing as part of a job - like divers, for instance.

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art, bars, bondage, burlesque, clothes, clubs, dance, erotic, fetish, fist, frippery, funky, good food, hardcore, hedonism, hot, music, open minded, photography, porn, restraint, rubber, salacious, se been long time since i upload, been meating lots of new people on here. im kind, honest, caring, generous, have a big heart and an open mind, am humble, street wise, have the smarts about me.

A lot of people will be attracted to free dating sites when looking for their rubber fetish partner. The free sites may seem appealing but they are riddled with problems. Spammers make fake profiles to trick people into buying live cam, porn and dating memberships.

The sites themselves tend to bombard your email with spam and often sell your details to list brokers who them sell the information to more spammers.

There is something extremely sexy about a lover dressed in the tight, shiny fabric of Latex or its thicker cousin Rubber.

Wearing rubber or latex clothing is like donning a slick, sexy second skin.


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