Updating the gac

Or do I need to reset anything for it to pick up the new assembly?I only ask because I will not be allow to reset anything on the SP server during business hours, so I don't want to copy the new assembly if it will reset anything.It would be quicker and easier to use the command line to update a dll in the GAC.You can do this with the Global Assembly Cache Tool gacutil, but this is only present if you have the SDK or Windows SDK installed.So, let’s start with the Global Assembly Cache fundamentals: GAC is the short version of "Global Assembly Cache". Before you ask about performance - whether there is a performance gain is a question that is really difficult to answer because JIT compilation also yields great results. To run it go to Start - run the Visual Studio Command prompt (or Developer Command prompt, depending on the VS version you use, but you got the idea, I think).It is a common place in the OS where assemblies that are going to be shared between different applications can be stored. Perhaps for a large number of applications that use the same assembly there may be a difference but confirming or refuting this claim is a long story that is not the point of this post. To install an assembly called Some Assembly in the GAC, use the command There are more options the tool offers, so MSDN holds the answers for the curious ones.

If you don't have (RDP) access to the server you could write a script (or use the ones from WSP Builder). I think the default scripts of WSP Builder cause a reset automatically.

At run time, Mono looks in three places for assemblies necessary to run a program.

It first searches the location of the executing assembly.

assembly, which contains the core class libraries of the runtime.

An application may use any number of assemblies, some of which may come with the runtime, some of which may be optional runtime components, and others might be written by third-party developers.


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